Password Registration Portal

The Joliet Junior College Information Security department, in conjunction with the Information Technology Division has implemented a new identity and access management solution. The powerful combination of the password registration and reset portal allows users to easily enroll in self-service password reset. The solution is device agnostic.  Students, faculty and staff will now have the ability to access the portal on any device using any operating system.

On this page we will cover how to submit the questions and answers that you will need during password recovery in the Password Reset Portal.


In order to take advantage of the Password Reset portal, you need to select and answer security questions. Below are the steps to guide you through this process.

  1. Navigate to
  2. You will be immediately prompted to enter your username and password:
    • 1. If you are on-campus, the domain will be filled in for you as it is in the example below:
    • 2. If you are off-campus, you will need to type the domain (JOLIET\) before your username:
  3. After successfully signing in, you will be greeted by the Password Registration Portal:
  4. Click "Next," and you will be prompted to enter your current password:      
    1. Make sure that the system correctly identified you by looking at the "(logged in as:)" dialogue above the "Password:" field
      1. The first log in was to verify that you had rights to access Joliet Junior College resources (i.e. that you are a student, faculty or staff member). This second log in is to get you into the Password Registration portal.
      2. This process is intentional and ensures greater security.
  5. Click "Next," and you will be prompted to answer security questions:       
    1. These questions are generated randomly on loading the page to ensure that every user has a unique set of questions, though some may overlap.
    2. It is only necessary to answer 4 out of the 10 questions presented.       
    3. Each answer must contain at least 4 characters and no two answers may be the same.
  6. Answer the questions you choose and click "Next."
  7. Assuming that your answers met the criteria specified above, you will be greeted by the registration success page: