Susan Krause
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department Chair
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Myra Mitchell
Social and Behavioral Sciences
Department Secretary
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Social and Behavioral Sciences

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Joliet Junior College's Social and Behavioral Sciences Department has a wide array of course offerings and transfer/occupational degree programs. The department offers classes in anthropology, child development, education, history, political science, psychology, and sociology.

In addition to standard courses, students can choose to explore more detailed areas of interest, such as History of Illinois and the Joliet Region (HIST 210), Marriage and the Family (SOC 270), Cultural Diversity in America (SOC 290), Stress Management (PSYC 272), and Developmentally Appropriate Infant/ Toddler Care (CDEV 250).


Anthropology courses offer students a better understanding of world cultures, as well as observation and analysis techniques of human behavior

Child Development

According to the Illinois Department of Employment Security, the next 10 years will show a 42 percent growth rate in new child care related jobs. The Child Development Career program is designed to prepare students for employment in a variety of positions in the growing early care and education field.


Numerous professionally rewarding careers are available in the field of education. Teacher assistants support public or private school teachers in daily classroom activities. They provide assistance in regular classrooms, in special education classrooms, and in one-on-one situations with special needs students. Teacher assistants are being employed at all levels of education from early childhood through secondary education.

Human Services

Students in this program will have the tools needed to hold postions in diverse settings such as group homes and halfway houses, youth service agencies and programs dealing with alcoholism, drug addiction and various behavioral disorders. Depending on the employment setting and the kinds of clients served there, job titles and duties vary a great deal.


History courses offer students an understanding of social, cultural, political, and economic developments from various periods of time.

Political Science

Students are able to gain knowledge of national, state, and local US government, as well as comparative government studies.


Psychology courses offer students both an introduction to psychological concepts as well as in-depth looks at topics such as abnormal psychology, child development, health psychology, stress management, and more.


Sociology courses introduce students to the foundations of sociological concepts, as well as include studies of gender, sex, marriage, cultural diversity, marriage, and African American studies.