Natural Sciences and Physical Education

Field and trees at sunset

Joliet Junior College's Natural Sciences and Physical Education Department encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including astronomy, biology, chemistry, emergency medical services, fire science technology, geography, geology, physical education, and physics.

Students can take advantage of the many unique learning opportunities JJC offers, from an on-campus planetarium to the prairie restoration project. Students receive hands-on learning experiences and lab time from professors who are extremely knowledgeable in their areas of expertise, continually study updates in their fields, and earn accolades both on and off campus.

For more information contact Patrick Mills, Department Chair and Professor, by calling (815) 280-6702 or emailing


Campus Resources


Students interested in astronomy may choose to explore the topic in Astronomy 101. The course is geared toward general students and requires no previous science or math courses. Topics range from ancient beliefs concerning stars to black holes in space.

If you would like to learn about how to become an astronomer or an astrophysicist, then please contact the Natural Sciences Department at (815) 280-2420.


The biology program serves a diverse population of students, including Biology majors, Nursing majors, students in Allied Health, and students seeking to fulfill a laboratory science requirement.


Chemistry focuses on matter, what substances are made of, their properties, how they act, and how they interact. Besides the traditional areas of study, a chemistry background is central to research in new areas of great potential for society.


Students can explore a wide range of specific topics related to geography with the variety of courses JJC offers. Students may choose to study weather and climate or landforms for lab science credit, or they may investigate social science aspects by examining economic or cultural geography.

Kinesiology / Physical Education

JJC's Physical Education program includes courses as basic as the Fitness Center to courses as detailed and specific as soccer coaching. The program also encompasses classes on first aid, the history of sports and wellness concepts, as well as many others.


All physics courses at JJC incorporate computer technology. Microcomputers are used extensively in simulations, data collection and analysis, and spreadsheets and graphing.