Frequently Asked Questions

Who can access myJJC?

myJJC requires using your JJC username and password to login. See the ID/Username/Password Help page for more information about JJC user accounts.

Logging into the portal requires that you put joliet\ in front of your username.

Why should I use myJJC?

myJJC provides important customized information in one easy to check spot. View your class schedule, register and pay for classes, see how many unread email messages you have, view your grades, and receive important communications and notifications.

How does myJJC relate to email?

Your myJJC home page conveniently displays the number of unread email messages you have.

To access your email, click on the "unread messages" text on your myJJC home page to open a link to your email.

Learn more about JJC email accounts at

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Introducing myJJC

Login to myJJC
(Do not include


myJJC is your one-stop shop for: 



  • Your class schedule
  • Registration
  • Financial Aid
  • Grades
  • Focused communications
  • Easy access to your email and iCampus

Login Help

When logging into myJJC you must put joliet\ in front of your username.
Important: Do not include after your username.

Be sure there is a backslash after the word joliet. This is the slash that is located at the top of the keyboard, usually above the enter key. The top of the backslash leans to the left.

Example of Joliet\ in front of username 

  • Check to be sure you have added joliet\ in front of your username. Check that it is a backslash after the word joliet. The backslash is located above the enter key on most keyboards.
  • Visit for username and password help.
  • If you are denied access or see a white screen, you may have locked your account. Unlock your account here.

Student Support

For technical support, call the Student 24/7 Tech Support Hotline at (866) 281-3638.

Faculty & Staff

The myJJC portal serves as the college's intranet, allowing everyone to find online resources without having to search multiple places. Additional benefits of the myJJC Portal include improved communication, single sign-on features, easy and convenient access to information on and off campus, and online collaborative workspaces for departments. 

View the Introducing myJJC Guide for Faculty and Staff (PDF)