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Transitioning Young Adults

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As young people begin thinking about their future, many realize that they lack the skills employers desire. Without skills, youth remain stuck in low paying jobs with very little hope for advancement. Transitioning Young Adults Program is designed to assist young people from Grundy County get the skills needed through a variety of ways.

If a youth qualifies, he/she will work closely with a Workforce Coordinator to develop an individual plan that may include training, a paid internship and leadership skills development.

To qualify, youth must:

  • live in Grundy County
  • be 14 to 21 years of age
  • have a barrier that is preventing them from reaching their goal of employment


GED preparation and testing

  • complete an assessment to see how you will score on the test
  • testing and retesting fees are paid by the program
  • work with a tutor and receive materials to help you prepare
  • take a free class through JJC to help you prepare
  • get rewarded for receiving your GED certificate

Job Training

  • get a certification in a growing field, such as transportation, healthcare or manufacturing
  • get rewarded when you complete training successfully
  • all required costs are paid for by the program

Paid Internship

  • gain work experience while getting paid
  • opportunities last up to 6 months
  • develop skills that prepare you for the next job opportunity

 Leadership Workshops

  • learn how to effectively communicate, manage money and get the best job

Career Exploration, Job Shadowing

  • take different assessments to help identify your interests
  • develop a plan for short term and long term goals