Using the Circuit

How to use the circuit

A combination of weight machines and stationary bicycles are used in the Aerobic Circuit to provide large muscle activity.

Doing a circuit consists of alternately using weight machines and bicycles. If you start on a bicycle, your next station will be a weight machine. If you start on a weight machine, your next station will be a bicycle. Be sure to follow the circuit in the correct order from west to east or machine 1, 2,....12. Thirty seconds are spent on each station with 15 seconds allowed to change stations. When you change stations, you will have to set your weight and adjust the machine as necessary.

However, during your first three visits you may feel rushed; if you can only do a few repetitions, that is fine. Rotate with the recording. Remember to wipe off the upholstery with your towel after using each machine. By the fourth visit, you will be able to rotate and make adjustments during the 15 seconds.

If you have not been exercising on a regular basis, start with doing only one circuit. As your condition and strength improve, you will want gradually to extend the number of circuits to two or start by doing a body parts routine or spending more time on the cardio equipment. Even if you are in excellent condition, you are advised to limit your number of circuits to a maximum of three.

Fast Facts

  • The circuit consists of 12 weight machines (numbered 1-12), and 11 stationary bicycles (numbered 50), which are located directly across from the machines.
  • It takes 17 minutes to complete one circuit.
  • All the machines in the circuit have purple upholstery.
  • The direction of movement on the circuit is west to east.