Fitness Center service and technology amenities

There are several technological advances and services that the Center provides for its participants. You may check out a pedometer to calculate how many miles you have walked.  Heart rate monitors may also be checked out. Most of our cardio equipment are Polar compatable. Bring your own water bottle and enjoy our reverse osmosis drinking water. You may watch and listen to 60 satellite TV channels and 14 local stations. You need your own headset to listen to your program. Our weather station provides timely outdoor weather conditions.

Heart Rate Monitors

Participants may check out a heart rate monitor at the counter free of charge, and a staff member will calculate your heart rate. You must buy your own strap for $5, also available at the counter. Strive to keep your heart rate between the minimum and target value.

Target Heart Rates (THR)

Joliet Junior College Total Fitness Center instructors and personal trainers calculate THR's for healthy individuals using the following Karvonen formula: 220 minus your age minus your resting HR times an intensity level (.5-.85) plus your resting HR. Use the following intensity levels: beginners (.5-.6); intermediate exercisers (.7-.75); and competitive athletics (.85).

For example, Joe Fitness is a 30 year old intermediate exerciser with a resting HR of 75. His THR is calculated as follows: {[(220-30-75)]*.7}+75=155.

If your doctor has prescribed a beta blocker, ask your doctor for your target heart rate or use the Borg Scale (Rating of Perceived Exertion) that is posted in the Center. For more information on THR, please contact your Total Fitness Center Manual, pages 2-4 to 2-9.

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Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water

REMEMBER do not let your bottle touch the water spout! The water being filtered if from the City of Joliet. Our RO system has three filters:

  1. A sediment pre-filter
    Reduces extra-fine dirt, silt, sand, rust particles, and scale particles
  2. RO membrane
    Reduces the dissolved mineral content of the water
  3. Post carbon filter
    Removes odors, taste, and chlorine

Satellite TV/local channels

We receive 60 satellite stations in addition to 15 local channels. If a program is aired with closed captions, our TVs will broadcast the closed captions.

Weather Station

Our weather station is installed on the roof of the gymnasium. Information can be obtained at the weather console below the clock by the Center's counter. The following data can be obtained:

  • Indoor/outdoor temperature
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Wind chill
  • Heat stress (temperature, sun and humidity index)
  • Barometric pressure
  • Rain measurement
  • Outdoor/indoor humidity
  • Solar radiation (sun)

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