Developmental Education

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Joliet Junior College is an open access institution that believes that all students, with a little help, can experience success in college. To verify students' readiness for college-level courses, we assess all students by reviewing their ACT and/or COMPASS placement scores. Based on these scores, we determine whether students need to complete developmental courses in order to strengthen their abilities in reading, writing, or mathematics. Developmental Education provides programs and services addressing:..

  • Academic preparedness
  • Assessment and Placement
  • Development of general & discipline-specific learning strategies
  • Solutions for barriers to learning

What Is Developmental Education?

Developmental education at Joliet Junior College (JJC) is a social and economic imperative which enriches students' lives through affordable, accessible pathways to college completion.

Developmental classes are fee-based classes numbered below the 100 level. These classes provide students with knowledge and skills that empower them to achieve academic, professional, and personal growth through the highest quality of instruction as well as support services such as counseling, advising, and tutoring. Students benefit from developmental classes because reading, writing, and mathematics are relevant in courses throughout the college-level curriculum and are also useful in students' lives outside of college.

For speakers whose primary languages are not English, we offer a sequence of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses designed to provide intensive English language instruction while also celebrating the global diversity of our student population. Based on placement scores, students can enroll in EAP courses that address English language learners' needs in reading, writing, grammar, or speaking and listening. Although the material taught these courses is similar to what is taught in our non-EAP developmental reading and writing courses, the delivery of the material is specially formatted for students who are primarily fluent in other languages.

For a listing of courses available in the Developmental Education program, visit:

Minimum Competencies and Developmental Course Sequences

Sarena Schott
Dean, College & Career Readiness
Romeoville Campus RMB-1008
Phone: (815) 280-6735