High School Credit/Early School Leavers Transition Program

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The Adult High School Credit Program/Early School Leaver Transition Program are available on a more limited basis than the GED Preparation classes. The program assists adults in completing their high school diploma rather than the GED.  During the time the students are enrolled in the program they will also work on career exploration and development, employment readiness and job seeking skills, consumer education, and transitioning to college. The home high school must agree to accept the credits earned through the program and agree to issue the diploma upon successful completion of all requirements. 

What are the requirements?

  • Adults ages 16 and older who are not enrolled in or attending high school may apply for the Adult High School Credit program.
  • Generally, adults must be within 5 or fewer credits of completing their high school diploma. Limits on the number of credits that can be earned outside of high school are determined by the high school. For instance, some schools allow 5 credits to be transferred, while others limit the number of transfer credits to 2.
  • Either the student's current "home high school" (high school in the district where you now reside) or original high school must agree to issue their diploma upon successful completion of the program.
  • Students accepted into the Adult High School Credit program must complete the same requirements as they would in "regular" high school, including number of credits, required courses, the IL and US Consitution test, community service hours, etc.

How do I enroll?

  • If your high school agrees, a signed agreement between the high school and JJC must be submitted with an official copy of your transcript.
  • Once all the proper documentation is provided you will be contacted to set up an orientation and registration date.

What should I expect while in the program?

  • Most courses are completed through supervised independent study.  Students must meet with their instructor at least once per week to submit completed assignments, complete required quizzes or tests, discuss questions or diffculties with the materials, and receive new assignments. Some courses must be completed at JJC, i.e. fine arts, psychology, sociology, etc. Normal tuition and fee charges will apply for these courses.
  • Tutoring and other support services are provided free of charge.Students are required to attend "Job Skills Class" once a week where they will be working on employability skills and the NCRC Work Readiness Certificate. Students are also required to work with the transition team to formulate a plan that will help them transition to college or employment.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Since this is an independent study program, a student can move through the material at their own pace.  The amount of time required to complete also depends on other factors such as the number of credits required, and completion of all program components.

What other services are available to High School Credit/Early School Leavers Transition students?

  • We want to help the student prepare for college. We help with all aspects of enrolling into college from interest assessments to finding a major all the way to financial aid and enrollment paperwork.
  • If a student is looking for employment, we work with the student on achieving that goal. This is done by job shadowing, resume writing, job search skills, interview skills, achievement of the National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC) and much more.

Who do I contact for more information?

Call the JJC DAEL office at 815-280-1333.  If you need assistance with program questions, copies of the required paperwork, etc. contact Emilie McCallister at emccalli@jjc.edu or 815-280-1321.

Is your school looking for options for students?

We are always interest in forming  partnerships with high schools in our community.  If you would like to set up a time where we can come out and meet with your staff, or if you just have questions about how the adult high school/Early School Leavers Transition Program can provide you with additional options for students, contact Emilie McCallister at emccalli@jjc.edu or 815-280-1321.‚Äč