Admissions Office

Main Campus: A-1020 (Campus Center)
Phone: (815) 280-2493
Fax: (815) 280-6740

Office Hours:

Monday - Thursday: 8:00am - 6:00pm
Friday: 8:00am - 4:30pm
(Closed on Fridays during the summer: May 19-Aug 4)

Special Office Hours:


  • The Saturday before first day of Fall/Spring semester 9:00am – 2:00pm*
  • Spring Break week (Monday-Friday) 7:30am - 4:30pm

*Time subject to change


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Admissions FAQ

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How can I apply/How do I get started?

Apply Now or go to Admissions for information about applying. For further assistance, please call 815-280-2493.

Is there an application fee?

Our application is free.

Who can attend JJC?

Joliet Junior College maintains an open-door admissions policy; applicants are eligible for admission if they are one of the following:

  1. High school graduates or those with a high school equivalency (GED, HiSET, or TASC)
  2. Applicants who have completed a home-school course of study. (These students will need to furnish the following documentation in support of their admission application.)
    • A transcript listing the courses taken while engaged in home study.
    • The grades for the courses attempted and completed.
    • Attendance records for the period covered during the home study program.
    • An explanation of the grading scale employed for the home study program.
  3. This information should be prepared and certified by the individual who administered the principal instruction or the administrator in charge of the home school program. The above information is consistent with transcripts compiled by private schools in the state of Illinois. Home schooling is considered by Illinois law to be consistent with private school education.

  4. Anyone 18 years of age and older.
  5. Transfer students from other colleges and universities who meet one of the above criteria.
  6. In addition, the following categories of students may be admitted with the approval of the director of admissions:

  7. High school students 16 years of age who obtain prior approval from the high school in which they are currently enrolled.
  8. Young adults 16 years of age who have severed all connections with the high school district in which they are a legal resident.
  9. Students less than 16 years of age in a gifted or accelerated program who obtain prior approval from their high school district and from Illinois Community College District 525.

Additional information regarding early-entry enrollment may be obtained from Early Entry.

I applied online, what is my next step?

Full time students should continue with  Full time steps.

Part time students should continue with Part time steps.

Where do I get my student ID, username and/or password?

ID / Username / Password Help. Please note: Student usernames are created 24 to 72 hours after applying to JJC.

Is the ACT required for admission?

No, the ACT is not required at JJC, as we require the Placement Test for placement purposes. However, if a student has the following scores on his/her ACT, then those scores can be used for placement and the student will be exempt from taking the Placement Test.

  • An ACT English score of 20 or higher
  • An ACT Math score of 22 or higher
  • **ACT scores expire 48 months from the testing date.

For more information on submitting your unexpired ACT scores as a substitute for Placement Testing, click he​re.

What address do I send my high school transcripts to?

Joliet Junior College
Attn: Admissions Office
1215 Houbolt Road
Joliet, IL 60431

How much is Tuition?

Please visit our Tuition page for detailed information.

Is my city in JJC's district?

Joliet Junior College is a 1,442 square mile district serving a population of more than 650,000 in Will, Grundy, Kendall, LaSalle, Kankakee, Livingston and Cook Counties. To verify that your city or community is served by Joliet Junior College (District 525), residents can check their property tax bill or voter's card.

If I live out of district but work full-time in the district, am I eligibile to pay in-district tuition?

Persons who are not residents of District 525 but who are employed full-time (35 hours per week) in the district are eligible for in-district tuition and fees. To qualify, a letter must be on file in the Admission's office each semester prior to the student's registration. This letter must be written on company stationery and must be signed by either the owner/manager or the director of human resources.

What is the difference between a full-time and part-time student?

A student is classified as full time when enrolled in 12 or more credit hours. Students who attend part time are enrolled in less than 12 credit hours.

What is New Student Orientation (NSO) and how do I sign up for it?

All new full-time students are required to attend New Student Orientation (NSO). At NSO you will learn about JJC, meet with a counselor to discuss course recommendations and learn how to use eResources and register for your classes. Students must first follow the Admission Steps which first includes watching the New Student Information Presentation (Step 6) prior to signing up for NSO. Please note: NSO is recommended but not required for part-time students. However, if you need academic advising you must attend NSO.

I am a returning JJC Student, do I need to reapply?

If returning after one or more years, complete an online admission application Apply Now. Students will receive an acknowledgement letter in the mail and a follow-up e-mail sent to their JJC e-mail account.

How do I request a catalog to be mailed to me?

Joliet Junior College no longer prints hard copies of our catalog but our full Catalog can be viewed online.

How do I set up a campus tour?

By calling a Recruiter at 815-280-2863, 815-280-2562,or 815-280-2355 OR by completing a Campus Tour Request.

I have college credits from another college/university, will they transfer to JJC?

Students transferring from another college or university that have earned at least six credit hours or more are considered "Reverse Transfer" students and should follow Reverse Transfer Steps.

Can I take classes in high school that will count towards college?

Yes, the Dual Credit program is a partnership between Joliet Junior College and area high schools and career centers. This program allows students to earn high school and college credit upon successful completion of a dual credit course. Please click here for more information on the Dual Credit Program.

I attend a four year college or university and would like to take classes during the summer at JJC, how do I get started?

You would be considered a Summer Visiting Student. Please follow Summer steps.

How can I get general JJC information mailed to me?

Complete the online request form, email us, or call 815-280-2355.

What is an early entry student?

Early entry may be available to students 17 years of age or younger who obtain prior approval from their high school. Students should confer with their High School counselor on the process. For more information, visit the Early Entry page.

Is on-campus child care available?

Yes, please visit Early Childhood Center for more information.

What is FERPA?

The student records policy of Joliet Junior College is governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). No one will have access to nor will the college disclose any information from a student educational record without the written consent of the student except to personnel within the institution, to officials of other institutions in which the student seeks to enroll, to persons or organizations providing the student financial aid, to accrediting agencies carrying out their accreditation function, to authorized representatives of the federal and state governments for audit and evaluation of federal- and state-supported programs, to persons in compliance with a judicial order and to persons in an emergency in order to protect the health and safety of students or other persons. All of the exceptions are permitted under the Act. FERPA

Are there opportunities to study abroad at JJC?

What is a chargeback/cooperative agreement?

Residents residing in another Illinois community college district that does not offer a program of study which is available at Joliet Junior College should apply for a chargeback or cooperative agreement at their local community college. Chargeback

Do I qualify for a "new start" at JJC?

JJC offers returning adult students a one-time opportunity to correct past poor academic performances in order to reach educational goals. A student must complete the "New Start" Application and on-line quiz before meeting with a JJC counselor. Certain stipulations must be met. See the New Start page or call (815) 280-2673 for more information.

Do you provide assistance to students with disabilities or health concerns?

Yes, services are offered through our StAR Department (Student Accommodations and Resources). StAR

Do I need a parking sticker?

No parking pass is required for students but you should be familiar with the parking guidelines as all posted parking regulations are strictly enforced. Traffic and Parking.

Do you have an Honors Program?

Is there student housing available?

Yes, Centennial Commons offers on campus apartments for full time JJC students. Student Housing

Are there on-campus jobs available for students?

Is there tutoring available?

JJC offers a number of free tutoring services on campus and online. Tutoring

Where do I buy my books?